They will play a game... where it will end?

They will play a game out of grudge... where it will end?

Mr. and Mrs. Chan move to a new apartment. On the same day, Mr. and Mrs. Chow move to the apartment next door. Obviously, many things get confused in the moving, but one thought that feelings and love would also change places. Mr. Chow and Mrs. Chan begin to suspect from their respective spouses are having an affair with each other. This is the time when both of them begin to go out in dinners, as they get to know each other. Someon would think they would end together, as a vengeance, but they say they will not end as their spouses.

What is real? Love? Acting? Suffering?

What is real? Love? Acting? Suffering?

They start to play a game of roles, they will act as each other spouse, to see how they fell in love. It’s a perfect strategy from the director (Wong) to not tell us when they are playing and when they are really feeling what they’re saying in Fa yeung nin wa. It gives a “mood” (no pun intended) of confusion and delirium, accompanied by the red dominant setting, the shape of the furniture… it was like an hallucination. The camera angles are always daring, the narrow aisles are prefred for the shots, it’s like feeling claustrophobic.

She helps him in his martial arts serial writing. Subtle atraction begins in this moment.

She helps him in his martial arts serial writing. Subtle atraction begins in this moment.

We feel a love/sexual tension among the two characters through the entire film, a part of us want them to fall in love, while the other part tries to keep the promise they made. It’s a difficult film to watch, it makes you feel uncomfortable many times, you trie to evade their looks and try to look through the glasses and natural filters that the movie puts in our way.

Dressed to buy food. Needing love.

Dressed to buy food. Needing love.

This movie is the second film in a trilogy written and directed by Kar Wai Wong, the other two being Days of Being Wild and 2046. The three have the same characters (Mr. Chow and Mrs. Chan) and I hope thay are as good as this one.

The official page, with very useful information is here. The american trailer is embeded down here:

The music plays an important place in the film, here are some examples of music used:

Making of documentary of the film, @ In the Mood for Love in 6 parts, recomendable if you have seen the movie, it has a lot of spoilers for those who haven’t:

Some deleted scenes, same as before, lots of spoilers:

Scene excerpts:

Movie theme song, sung by Tony Leung:

#1 in the Top 21st Century List.