Betty (left) helps Rita (right) to find herself, she has lost her memory

Betty (left) helps Rita (right) to find herself, she has lost her memory

Betty’s just got off the plane that left her in Hollywood and we can see her delighted expression: happiness and hope. A woman has just survived a car crush and we can see her lost and frightened expression: she doesn’t know who she is. They meet each other in Betty’s aunt’s department, as the woman who had lost her memory went to hid there. The woman, that names herself Rita, carries more than one million dollars in her purse, along with a blue box that contains a mystery beyond understanding. Why did she carry that money? Meanwhile, there’s a film director that tries desperately to get his movie made, but he doesn’t want to be told how to do it, who to contract and when to do it. At the same time, two friends go to see if the stuff the dreams are made of is real, with frightening consecuences.

The Producer. Look at the light and shadows, a major part in any David Lynch film.

The Producer. Look at the light and shadows, a major part in any David Lynch film.

David Lynch crafts a puzzle mystery where the answer is always there before you to see it. This was originally a TV Pilot, but the chain rejected it, Lynch only searched for more financement in France so he could finish it as a feature lenght movie, forgetting its TV aspect. Nevertheless, this stays as the most straightforward movie of his whole career, due to its initial TV aspect and the multiple storylines that finally end crashing. The sound plays an important place in the film, so is the music, as in every Lynch film. The acting seems stiff and clunky, but it has a deeper meaning that you thought it would ever have.

What is this alternative reality? Or...?

What is this alternative reality? Or...?

This is, even after all that, one of the minor works from David Lynch. It really can’t be compared to Blue Velvet or The Elephant Man, but it is, after all, one movie that sums up everything that has been Lynchian in a movie that it’s not always easy to understand or to simply view.

The official site is here.

The trailer for this movie is embeded down here:

One of the best scenes of the movie, so powerful it may get you tears, the Club Silencio:

Two pop songs, used as an audition:

Part of the Making-Off:

Here’s some deleted material from the TV Pilot, spoilers for those who haven’t seen te movie:

Interview with Naomi Watts (Betty) about Mulholland Dr. :

There are 10 clues from David Lynch to unveil the mystery of Mulholland Dr., here they are:

  • Pay particular attention in the beginning of the film: At least two clues are revealed before the credits.
  • Notice appearances of the red lampshade.
  • Can you hear the title of the film that Adam Kesher is auditioning actresses for? Is it mentioned again?
  • An accident is a terrible event — notice the location of the accident.
  • Who gives a key, and why?
  • Notice the robe, the ashtray, the coffee cup.
  • What is felt, realized, and gathered at the Club Silencio?
  • Did talent alone help Camilla?
  • Note the occurrences surrounding the man behind Winkie’s.
  • Where is Aunt Ruth?
  • A possible answer (spoilers) to these questions are here, along with a useful site to discuss this movie.

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