Love... untangled.

Love... untangled

Joel wakes up on St. Valentine’s Day feeling strange, his head feels empty and his feelings enraged. He goes to work, but when he has to take a train to his work, he takes the one that takes him to a beach in Montauk… why? He has a feeling, he runs to it, as if he was called to it. Inside the train, he encounters Clementine, a girl with colored hair that laughs a lot and talks to him as if they knew each other from some time ago, which is strange, because he feels the same way. But, what if they did? What if they did have a relationship together, just that none of them remember it? How could this happen? Well, let’s enter with the science fiction aspect in this movie, they both erased each other from their memories, but how many times has this happened? The disjointed narrative in this movie confuses us and at the same time recompensates us with an original story, wonderful acting and spectacular dialogue.

Reality inside his head, escaping from erasing process.

There’s no doubt that this movie is one of the most original pieces of the last years, its elements of science fiction along with the tremendous and complicated plot make a wonderful work that will undoubtely last for long years. Nevertheless, one can easily confuse the message and plot of this movie, comparing the situation that displays on the screen with the one that happens in your real life. You may think that this movie shows how ‘cool’ would it be to erase your bad memories, so you can forget that horrible episode in your childhood, that bitter love that got you for months, that awful embarrasing incident that you don’t want to remember, but no, that’s not the point, it’s exactly the opposite. This movie advocates for the maintenance and good care of those memories, because some day they may be the ones that may help us in the future, those that can’t be easily forgotten are the most important ones, and they are the ones that change us as human beings.

How many times have they met in this same spot?

The dialogue is incredibly moving and there’s no doubt why it won an oscar for the best original screenplay, after all, it was written by Charlie Kauffman, one of the most impressive and creative minds writting screenplays out there. The direction by Michel Gondry is amazing, specially present on the memories scenes, because of the minimal and amazing use of special effects. This is one movie that is not easily forgotten, even if you go to Lacuna Inc. to erase it from your existence.

The official site of the movie is here, it contains a memory game and a lot of info, including a chat transcription with Charlie Kauffman.

In Google Books, you can find the shooting script of this movie.

The site for Lacuna Inc., the company that erases memories.

The trailer for this movie is embeded down:

Part of the soundtrack for this movie is on youtube, here’s 22 Row by Jon Brion:

An informecial for Lacuna Inc., directed by Michel gondry:

The movie can be seen on Youtube in its entire lenght, here’s part one:

#4 in the Top 250 21st Century Movies