Betty (left) helps Rita (right) to find herself, she has lost her memory

Betty (left) helps Rita (right) to find herself, she has lost her memory

Betty’s just got off the plane that left her in Hollywood and we can see her delighted expression: happiness and hope. A woman has just survived a car crush and we can see her lost and frightened expression: she doesn’t know who she is. They meet each other in Betty’s aunt’s department, as the woman who had lost her memory went to hid there. The woman, that names herself Rita, carries more than one million dollars in her purse, along with a blue box that contains a mystery beyond understanding. Why did she carry that money? Meanwhile, there’s a film director that tries desperately to get his movie made, but he doesn’t want to be told how to do it, who to contract and when to do it. At the same time, two friends go to see if the stuff the dreams are made of is real, with frightening consecuences. (more…)

This is Reki, a Newborn Haibane, why is she here?

This is Rakka, a Newborn Haibane, why is she here?

Rakka is a Haibane, a creature resembling an angel, who recently hatched from a giant cocoon. She has had a life before this one, and so all the Haibane, but they never remember anything, not even their names. Inside the cocoon, before hatching, the Haibane have a dream, if they remember it, they will be named after it. For example, Rakka dreamt about falling through the sky, so she was named (rakka; falling). Reki lives in a home for the Haibane named “Old Home”, where they take care of the little Haibane kids. They can only wear used clothes and buy old things, due to their condition. They also can’t go out from the town of Glie, nor touch the walls that sorround the city. (more…)